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AWESOME® is non-toxic and refreshingly effective with a light citrus fragrance.

Safety Data Sheets:

AWESOME® Natural Multi-Use or Concentrated Cleaner

AWESOME® Natural Window Cleaner

AWESOME® is Biodegradable.
Read about the
River Die-Away Test and see the River Die-Away Chart.


AWESOME® is a safe general purpose industrial, commercial, institutional, and domestic cleaner. AWESOME®'s superior ability to penetrate and suspend soils prior to and during rinsing, provides a clean residue free surface.

People handling AWESOME® need not concern themselves with hazardous odors or severe defatting of the natural lubricants of the skin.

Wettability -- Excellent
Foaming -- Medium Foam
*Solubility in Water -- 100%
Alkalinity -- No Free Alkali
Stability -- Extremely Stable to Hard or Soft Water
Pounds per Gallon -- 8.4
Flash Point -- None
pH -- 10.6

No Butyl Cellosolve or phosphate compounds

* Stable Oil/Water Emulsion to 100+ Extension

AWESOME® contains no ingredients that would be hazardous to personnel or equipment. AWESOME® is safe to use on all ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces, as well as plastic, glass, wood, etc.

The product is alkaline. Therefore, do not swallow and avoid eye and skin contact with the concentrate. For skin contact, flush thoroughly with water; for eye contact, flush thoroughly with water for at least 15 minutes and get medical attention.

NOTE: Seller makes no warranty, expressed or implied, concerning the use of this product other than that warranty, if any, indicated on the label. Buyer assumes all risks of use and/or handling of this material if contrary to label instructions.
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