From:              Sally Matheny
Sent:               Friday, June 22, 2012 2:41 PM
Subject:          Awesome is Awesome!

My friend David had blood drawn at the VA Hospital. Evidently the nurse did not apply pressure to the area and the needle site began to bleed. David did not notice that his arm was bleeding until it began to drip off his hand. By this time the entire long-sleeve was totally saturated in blood. I had recently purchased a bottle of [another brand] at our local Dollar General and asked him to let me try to remove the blood stain.

I rinsed the sleeve in cold water; applied the [other brand cleaner] and let it sit overnight. In the morning I rinsed the sleeve and found most of the stain was removed, but not totally. It went from a totally red blood stain to a shadow of a blood stain. I then called The R.F. Thompson
Co. … I explained the problem to Jan Jackson who was very helpful and said she would send me some samples of Awesome® Concentrated Cleaner to try and instructed me on how to use this product.

I followed her instructions which did state that it may take a second procedure to remove the stain. Hallelujah!!! After two applications the entire blood stain is gone and the shirt does not have to become a short-sleeve shirt; thanks to an "Awesome" product.

Thank you for such a great product. The genuine Awesome is the one for me.  I will be more than happy to recommend this product to all who will listen. As my subject line states: Awesome is Awesome!

Sally Matheny



From:              Sally Matheny
Sent:               Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Subject:          Update to my testimonial

[...] The item I needed blood removed from was not a shirt but was actually an Aran Knit Sweater.  ... This made the removal of the blood stain much more difficult. I do a lot of knitting and believe me removing stains from knitted articles is almost impossible - However - the one and only legitimate Awesome® Cleaner came to the rescue.  David is still wearing the sweater.  So, thank you for making such terrific and proven products. - Sally Matheny