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AWESOME® Concentrate is a full strength citrus-based liquid product. It can be diluted up to 50 times and still retain excellent power to cut grease and dirt on any surface. Formulated from natural renewable resources, AWESOME® is a safe** general purpose industrial, commercial, institutional and domestic cleaner. AWESOME®'s superior ability to penetrate and suspend soils, prior to and during rinsing, provides a clean, residue-free surface.

AWESOME® Concentrate is available in the following sizes:
1-quart bottle, 1-gallon jug, 5-gallon pail, 30-or 55-gallon drum, 275-gallon tote

Now available in either "No-Dye" or original

Product Uses:
Ceramic Tile * Concrete Floors * Painted Surfaces * Steam Cleaning * Degreasing *
Truck Washing * Wheel Washing * White Side Walls * Vehicle Washing *
Diesel Exhaust * Heavy Soil * Ceiling Tile * General Purpose Cleaning *
Grease and Oil * Stainless Steel *
Aluminum Alloys * Nickel * Steel * Chrome * Copper * Brass *
Totally Biodegradable * No Storage Requirements * Water Rinse
No Disposal Problems * No Free Caustics * Medium Foaming
Mild Citrus Aroma * Excellent Wetting * Stable in Hard Water
Rapid Emulsifications

Dilution Ratios:
Heavily soiled areas, diesel exhaust, grease, oil, asphalt, sewer degreasing 1 part Awesome to 4 parts water
Walls, floors, ceiling tiles, wood decks, spot removal, clothes, tarps & covers, vinyl, ceramic, patio furniture, degreasing, mold, mildew, boats, aircraft 1 part Awesome to 5 parts water
Truck washing - hand application, light household cleaning 1 part Awesome to 10 parts water
Vehicle washing 1 part Awesome to 20 parts water
Steam cleaning, wheel washing, nickel, aluminum 1 part Awesome to 50 parts water
Stainless steel, other metals, general purpose cleaning 1 part Awesome to 50 parts water

**AWESOME® is safe on most surfaces, fabrics and carpet. Always test a small area first. First Aid: In case of eye contact, flush with water. Totally biodegradable. Environmentally Safe. No Phosphates. Rinses with no Residue. To Dispose: Pour unused product down drain, flush with water.

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